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Hi, it’s Dave Here.

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Having set up my website its purpose is to help people to make money from their own home-based Online Laptop Business, or for that Matter Businesses.

Whether you are looking for just an extra income, or a full-time business, having an Online Laptop Business working from anywhere in the World as long as there’s an Internet Connection can be an extremely lucrative way at the moment of making money.

On my website, I am committed to sourcing and providing the best information and training I can from the experts in this field. That said the hottest thing available at this moment in time is the Affiliate Marketing.

Here’s One Way For To Be Abe Too Earn Online…

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best 




12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for advise I will definitely have a closer look at WA. You are not the first person who is recommending this, so I guess it will be a good platform.


    1. Hi Eugene,Thank you for visiting my website and sorry for the delay I was driving to Birmingham as part of my day job.
      Did you know that WA is voted as been one the best one to join.Dave

    1. Hi Jamaar,
      Thank you very much for leaving me a comment and we do we can’t just give up if try then at least we hope to achieve something.
      Take Care.


  2. Hello Dave,
    Love your bio – short and sweet. It is so nice when people choose to help other and give back to the community. Knowledge is priceless and will always come in ‘handy’. But the key here is to use that knowledge to garner experience. Thanks for sharing and much success.

    1. Hey Michelle,
      Thank you well for my bio i wanted it to be simply instead of going onnnn,
      all of your points are spot on and we should always look to gain knowledge after all life is a continuous learning curve good luck with your online success.

  3. Hi Dave, I am curious about making money online. Nowadays we don’t know what is real or not. I see Wealthy Affiliate very often online and now I see it in your post. Is this company legit? Do you know how long they have been in business?

    1. Hello Carole,
      Yes, it is a genuine platform and if you where to research you would see that it’s currently voted No 1, ok now for me Carole a number of years ago i started looking into Making Money Online.

      So off i went on this journey and spent £00000s using a mentor but i found that i was left at the post, so i had to give up the journey it
      was down to the lack of money of course, i joined WA only 5 weeks ago on the 4th Aug and then we went on Holiday on the 5th. So i have only been really doing this for 3 weeks and to that end this is me being truthful with you Carole, thank you very much for posting a comment it means a great deal to me.


  4. Thanks, so much Dave, like the industrialization Revolution, the Internet Revolution is changing many people’s lives. Many people are reluctant to learn about the power of the internet. I recently decided to take online seriously, want to leave a mark of my presents. I have bookmarked your website, I will be visiting it frequently.

    1. Hi Ngonidzashe,
      Thank you very much for your review along with the fact that you visited me it’s much appreciated.
      May i wish every success with your online business and life in general until we make contact again take care.

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