Are All Internet Marketing Oppurtunities A Scam

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If you come across this post, I imagine you have been caught up in by various programs, courses and other things promising to make you money online.

And it can lead you to wonder…

There are many reasons why the idea of internet marketing is thought to be a scam and many of those are completely pretty much legitimate.

I would know, having looked into programs online at this point in time.

Somewhere along the way, the legitimate definition of internet marketing has been mixed up, (and used by)  some con artists online but it’s fair to say no matter what new thing comes to our Attention there will always some trying to make a killing out you/us.

It’s been used as a way to sell these types of product to people to make money online with these products and get-rich-quick schemes.

So, what’s the difference between legitimate internet marketing and the scam-like products that flood the internet?

I will try and explain the best i can throughout this post.

So What Is Internet Marketing Then

Is really an umbrella term that refers to a bundle of different marketing strategies.

Some of these may include…

  • Affiliate Marketing ,
  • Email marketing,
  • video marketing,
  • social media marketing,
  • and multi-level marketing,

From the get-go, I will just say:  That I’m not a giant fan of multi-level-marketing, although i am using Affiliate Marketing it can have a positive effect and a  following of devoted fans.

Partially this may be because, to be really financially successful at a majority of what you do with Affiliate Marketing you will need to target the correct niches.

When the success or failure of a “business,” simply relies on bringing more people into the business opportunity, (rather than the sale of legitimate products or services) then this is not a legitimate business.

The unfortunate reality is, only a minute amount of people ever succeed within the industry so always do this first, try-out-product-first and it’s not at all as glamorous as they like to portray it.

While there are arguably some legitimate companies out there, (big names such as  Wealthy Affiliate  for example

There are many that have been revealed to be scams and are often criticised for selling poor quality products and using dishonest marketing tactics.

A majority of people who enter into some will end up worse off than they started prior to joining, (that is the case whether it’s considered legitimate or not).

While some programs like MLM’s in on their own may have little to do with internet marketing, many MLM’s are now encouraging internet marketing strategies

…Some MLM’s are also entirely online

However, those who employ internet marketing tactics in order to get sales and leads, will generally be more successful than those who ignore that side of it.

More an more MLM’s are becoming internet focused – supplying individual websites and encouraging online marketing.

Internet Marketing – The Reality: Trying to make money online in general, is not as easy as many people try and have you believe.

In fact, it’s not easy at all!

For many people, it can take months to see a single sale online, let alone regular ones coming in.

Many people will give up before they make anything substantial online and for those who are determined, it can take some years to generate a full-time income.

Unfortunately, there are many online  “gurus”, that claim they have some secret internet marketing strategy, that will make you very rich, very quickly.

Whether it be through some push-button system, some magical secrets of the industry they’re revealing, or a new revolutionary technique… our apps etc.

They will usually claim that you can make cash on autopilot, cash while you zzzz, and so on… you’ll have so much money, you won’t know what to do with it.

But, if it was all so-easy, don’t you think everyone would be jumping on board?

Additionally, if someone had created some automated system like these tradings systems for a small investment etc, that makes them millions – do you really think they’d be letting THAT cat out of the bag so easily.



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