So here i am just about to complete lesson Ten in WA.


So here i am just about to complete lesson Ten in WA.





Well, i guess for me that my journey started about 5 yrs ago there i was looking around for something to help change the course of my life not just for me but my family too you see family is very important to me.

So i found an opportunity with the potential to do just that so i embark on that journey. The program of which i entered into was for a payment of so much down payment and then £99.00 per month thereafter.


Now along the way i built a website and i was paying for hosting etc at this time in life i was self employed and could pretty much afford to do it and in my journey i learnt a few things but it didn’t just spot at the training there were other things that i needed to buy etc however after nearly two years of trying this out the money started to dry up mainly because expenses where going up in my self-employed life amongst other things so i could no longer carry on in that direction which was and is sad at the end i just wanted to make so extra money for the above mentioned.


So sadly i moved away from it becoming discontent with the whole thing so i closed down the website and saved the file.


So sometime later.


I decided to go down a different route by the way of using other people’s network our network programs, and i started out in paying a small fee to join this thinking that it’s not as expensive as the other programs -your-business- which i spent thousand, and i mean thousands of pounds on trying to make that work for me and at first you think that you are going at it nicely and again you start to spend money on such things as Solo Ads.


WEBTALK Join me… dave.short

Now sometimes you are pointed in direction of using the providers within the program you are in hell why not it’s been pointed out to you by the owners of the program you are currently trying to make it with.

So there’s no reason not to trust their methods and after buying the solo ads you may get a little back but it’s the bare minimum on your invested and once again you find that you are spending in your endeavors to make that breakthrough and all along this journey that you are on you keep trusting yourself and believing in yourself that you are going to make it after all that’s why we are all here.

But alas it all goes belly up but again not for the want of trying , but at no stage is there any level of support or at least it doesn’t measure up to the task and again no one bothers to stop and say i see it’s not working for you Dave in this case that’s me and i think again this is what puts things to the sword, and sends you off packing again to live and fight another day.

I don’t think that it’s you who is the failure but the lack of support or help you get there that is the failure here.

But as long as the other party is getting rich do they really care whether or not you or i make it online that’s a good ? in itself.


So yes i will admit that i have tried another program and this one seemed much bright and shiny than the other ones with bells and whistles making you believe in it and the thing that gets me i found with all of the things i have mention you need lots of money and the connects who really want you to get there.




Well i’m here at WA and so far what i find is the more you go through your learning the more you are encourage by things like messages say well done, your coming along nicely, it’s time for you to take a break and breath so that you can take stock of how far you have come.


It also seems that you are encouraged to become a success within WA and anytime that you need to reach out the help is there for you not only with the Kyle and Carson but with the community to all you need to do is post a ?


or ask for help by posting a comment and as sure as eggs are eggs there is always someone there for you perhaps with an answer or indeed a video link to a course, or perhaps something that has created themselves on their own journey here at Wa.


Now i have to admit that it has taken me a number of days to get to the point of being able to sit down and start to write this down, the reason also is off work and the where do i start and what do i, say i accidentally turn the alarm off whilst setting out in putting things down into word.


I’m not too sure if i should continue writing but i think that it as been more than 30 minutes, that i have been here putting it all into a document so on that point i ask for your understanding.




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