Webtalk The New Social Media Platform

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Webtalk The New Social Media Platform

Here we have brand new Social Media Platform and it’s currently in a beta stage, but it is said to be the next Facebook and frankly, i say about time too when you consider with the recent scandals that have come to life about  Facebook and how it has sold our info to third parties over the last few months or so. Here are some details and a photo, join me here by SPECIAL INVITE ONLY at  Join Me Click On The Link webtalk

Sydney Macleod

Owner/developer at
The Cruelty-Free Face

And we now know that Facebook has had to make some changes to the way it handles or data but this didn’t stop the recent episode where over 15 Million of users have had their info leek again, so this is quite refreshing and good timing to don’t you think, with Webtalk it allows you to have more control about your own data and how you decide to use it, now that has to be a move in the right direction.

New Update Video

100k User Celebration and Product Demo.

Posted by Webtalk on Friday, August 31, 2018

About talk YouTube Video Explains All

I’m a retired geologist, research geek, educator, website owner and volunteer. I’m married with two grown kids and have 2 horses and 3 dogs.

I’ve developed my website to educate and inform on the prevalence of animal testing in the beauty industry. It is my hope that educating one person at a time will encourage change in consumer habits one product at a time.

I am a consultant with Rodan and Fields, a skin care company ranked #1 by Euromonitor.

Since I retired, volunteering my time has been my focus. I’ve been involved in various roles in education and sports that include project management and leadership. Recently I was awarded the Rolex Commitment To Excellence in Volunteering Award.

My spare time is devoted to riding and competing with my horse and spending time with my family and dogs.

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  • cruelty-free-skin-care
  • cruelty-free-cosmetics
  • stop-animal-testing
  • volunteer
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  • education
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Founder/CEO/CPO at Webtalk

15 hours ago

WEBTALK IS GROWING NON-STOP IN OUR PUBLIC BETA! Thank you all for your amazing support!

All the hundreds of improvements we have done in the last 3-Months are thanks to all of your  read more

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18 thoughts on “Webtalk The New Social Media Platform

  1. I’m just getting a handle on other social media besides FB. Seems like Webtalk is another one I should probably create an account to. Thanks for the tip Dave!

  2. Thanks for the info on Webtalk – will definitely look into it! There are so many tools and platforms available it’s hard to know where to start sometimes!

  3. Hi
    Thanks for this information. I am glad to have learned a little more about Webtalk. I had heard of it first a few weeks ago. I think I need to keep my eye on it and perhaps sign up. I am only a few months into having a website. There is so much to learn and do. I will be making note of Webtalk. Thanks for writing this article. Most helpful!

    1. Hi Angela, thank you for your comments i’m totally behind you with taking time out to find your feet here at WA, REMEMBER any time you need help or advise please ask me or the community im happy to help if i can.

  4. Hey Dave thanks for the sharing this article about Webtalk . I was not aware of this platform but in this day and time personal data protection is so vital. As was mentioned Facebook lost alot credibility with millions if not billions of users around the world .I will look take a closure look at Webtalk thanks again and have a great day mate

  5. Hi Dave!
    Thanks for your post on Webtalk! For sure I didn’t know such awesome social media is on the move now. I am already excited after watching the video and I believe it is my time to join webtalk network.
    All the best my dear!

  6. Hi Dave interesting post , I have been a member of webtalk for a couple of months and my connections are growing on a daily bases . The community over there is great and would encourage everyone reading this post to talk a look and sign up , you can’t beat more free traffic .

  7. Hi Dave
    I did not knew about webtalk. I really thank you for sharing this information. Any new social media platform will be welcomed as facebook is now full of scamsters.
    I am sincelry looking forward to join webtalk b ut would like to ensure that it respect out privacy.

  8. Hi,

    WEbtalk seems like an interesting social media platform. I like the fact that it respects our privacy, and that it`s getting very popular. Does it also respect total freedom of speech like Gab?

    1. Hello Stefan, yes i believe it does as long as it remains within the law and isn’t of any naughty content.
      Thank you for your comment, my friend it means a great deal to me.


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